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One third of our fee is due ten days following the hire date of our candidate.

The second third of our fee is due sixty days after the hire date.

The final third is due ninety days after the hire date.

Robin and Michele met when they worked in the same agency in 1989. They have lived and worked together 24/7 ever since and always as a team in staffing and recruiting.

They operated their own temporary personnel agency for twenty years in Tucson.

Your best assurance is their collective experience  and their knowledge of the  Staffing and Recruiting industry.


Professional Search

We didn’t invent Professional Search, i.e. fee paid direct hire positions, but we have done some things to make improvements in a good idea.

We made the process affordable with a reduction of industry standard rates.

We charge a flat 10% of the first years salary or its equivalent for hourly employees.

These rates are 5% or greater reductions over the industry standards for agencies supplying similar services

We do not base fees on the first years compensation which can include "extras".
We do have payment options detailed to the right. 


Paid In Full

Full payment is due upon hiring our candidate.

This payment option gives your company assurances in two forms:

A pro-rated rebate of our fees which is based on a ninety (90) day period from the employees start date.

We can replace the employee with another without any additional fees other than the original and agreed upon fee.

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